Caleb & Dr. Wolf, Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office

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Description: All Caleb wants is to be treated like an adult! But when most people see him, all they see is a little boy. Yes, Caleb is small for his age. He always has been. At just over 5’1”, he’s always been teased for his small stature. Even as he turned 18, the folks around him still treat him like a child. He tries not to let it get to him, but he wants to be seen as a young man so badly! Before heading off to college, he gets a physical from a new doctor that specializes in adolescent development, hoping to get some assurance that he’s not going to be hopelessly small forever. But as the exam unfolds, he finds himself more preoccupied with the doctor’s size rather than his own... As soon as Dr. Wolf walked into the room, Caleb felt his heart race. The handsome man stood almost a foot and half taller than him. Even as the doctor sat down beside him, he was practically eye level! This became even more clear as he was being measured, coming up well below the man’s shoulders. He’d been around people taller than him all his life, but never someone so much bigger than himself! He couldn’t help but become a little flushed and aroused, undeniably turned on by Dr. Worlf as he continued to inspect his body. As the doctor was listening to his heart, he was sure his enthusiasm was going to become apparent! Dr. Wolf continued on, however, maintaining his professionalism as Caleb felt himself getting hard. When Caleb had to strip down, his raging erection was on full display. Dr. Wolf smiled, knowing exactly what Caleb was feeling. It wasn’t uncommon for his young, horny patients to get a little aroused, especially when they got excited by his size... Caleb couldn’t believe he was being touched so intimately. The older man’s hands caressed his genitals, teasing his cock and balls as he inspected them. He was so hungry for it, he couldn’t help leaking pre-cum out onto the doctor’s hands! Dr. Wolf placed the boy on all fours, getting a good look at his tight hole and his cock. It hung down low, fully engorged and developed. It was very clear that Caleb was a man from the size of his cock. Dr. Wolf inquired about his sexual history, making the boy blush as he answered the questions timidly and honestly. Caleb wanted to have sex so badly, but had yet to have the opportunity. Dr. Wolf, always thinking of what’s best for his patients, offered to give the young man a sense of what it felt like. Lubing up his finger, Dr. Wolf slid his digit inside the boy’s tight, smooth hole, sliding it in gently to feel for his prostate. Caleb let out a delighted moan, shaking and trembling as he felt his hole breached for the first time. Dr. Wolf then proceeded with two, seeing how well the boy’s hole adapted. He was taught yet pliable like rubber, giving Dr. Wolf a sense for how he would feel wrapped around his cock. He knew he had a massive member that wasn’t easy for all to take, but Caleb seemed like he needed it badly! Applying more lube to his hole, Dr. Wolf prepared him for what was to come. Caleb looked up at the doctor, asking him to fuck him and begging to be bred. Dr. Wolf smiled. How could he say no?