Taking The Waiter's Tip

Duration: 23:05 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2019
Description: (Models Jacob Dolce, Sammy Trakuza). A lot of wait staff rely on their tips to make up for often low pay, but if your waiter were anything like tall and sexy young Sammy Trakuza you'd be happy to offer more than a little extra change. Roles are reversed in this hot encounter as gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce gets his bill, along with a subtle note from Sammy offering the chance for some BoyFun. Fit lad Jacob is never one to turn down such an opportunity, quickly abandoning his table and following the slender young man. It seems young Sammy doesn't get to eat at work, because the boy is most definitely ravished as he gets his guest on his back on the bed, soon naked with his hard young cock throbbing with delight as Sammy sucks and slurps his sausage. His own long shaft is bulging in his shorts, but not for long. Freed from the confines of his clothes his prick leaks delicious juice for handsome little Jacob to taste, a perfect dessert after the snack he was just served minutes before. Their appetites are certainly healthy, but then again for a couple of boys with such hard cocks that's perhaps not surprising. The two swap their tasty tools back and forth, their pricks turgid and throbbing between each other's lips, all leading to the most filling meal Jacob could ask for. The boy slides down, his tight pucker wrapping around the warm shaft as Sammy's bare dick fills his chute. Jacob's perfect butt bounces on the bulbous knob while his own dick dribbles and drools with delight, the pleasure soon growing even more when he bends over to hand control to his hung new friend. Sammy pumps him from the rear, his hips slapping and his balls swinging as his naked cock eases in and out of the delicately hairy hole of his young friend. The boy has managed to endure so much deep and probing pleasure but as Sammy gets him on his back and proceeds to pump his dick up against Jacob's prostate he can't stop his cock from spurting hot teen cream, his load gushing from his helmet to splash over his tight stomach. With a little kiss of appreciation Sammy is ready to relieve his balls too, pulling out and wanking off, launching a massive eruption of juicy goo all over his gorgeous new pal, adding to the sticky mess the boy has already delivered. No doubt Jacob won't have to pay for his coffee the next time he stops by that particular eatery.