Conor - Solo

Duration: 32:49 Views: 1.7K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: With all the time cute Conor spends in the gym, it's no wonder he's got a great body. This uncut top says he looks for guys with a nice, big butt, but he's open to different things depending on the vibe. "Sometimes I like rough sex, sometimes I like soft, passionate sex, it just depends on the mood and the guy." Conor takes off his shirt to show his nice chest and arms, then strokes his cock through his shorts until it's rock hard. He gets naked and gives his cock and balls plenty of attention, pulling his foreskin back and forth as he caresses his chest and thighs, and wrapping both hands around the shaft as he thrusts his hips. He lies back against the pillows and strokes his dick faster and harder till he shows how far he can shoot!