Dmitry Osten and Nick Moon

Duration: 28:45 Views: 3.8K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2021
Description: Dmitry Osten is trying very hard to finish some work on his laptop when Nick Moon kneels onto the bed and starts taking selfies of himself with the camera on his phone. Nick unbuttons his shirt and then his pants, exposing a rather large and protruding bulge in his underwear. As his camera continues to take pictures Nick lifts up his shirt revealing his lean, tight abs. Dmitry can't focus due to the camera clicking and cute, young Nick slowly getting naked in front of him so he begins rubbing at his own crotch. Nick bends over on the bed making it easier to snap selfies of his underwear covered ass. Dmitry is completely turned on and he reaches into his pants pulling out a very hard and aroused cock. Nick spies Dmitry playing with his thick uncut cock so he puts down his phone, gets off the bed, kneels in front of Dmitry and deep-throats Dmitry's entire dick. They move to the bed and Nick sticks his ass in the air. Dmitry pulls down Nick's underwear and begins playing with Nick's tight pink hole. Dmitry pushes his thumb into Nick's ass teasing it before burying his face deep in Nick's hole. Dmitry works his tongue in and out of Nick's ass, priming him before he shoves his thick piece of meat deep inside. An intense ass-pounding ensues and Dmitry doesn't take it easy on Nick. They flip over on the bed, Nick climbs on top of Dmitry and slides down on to Dmitry's cock. Of course, Dmitry goes right back to power-fucking Nick from below while Nick is enjoying bouncing up and down on Dmitry's pole. Dmitry pulls out just as Nick is ready to blow. Nick's body tightens and as he starts moaning rather loudly his cock erupts, spewing streams of creamy white jizz all over his tight abs. Dmitry rolls Nick back with his legs in the air giving him complete access to Nick's ass. He jacks off his cock coating Nick's ball sack and asshole with load after load of his sweet love juice.