Kiss the Boy (Jean Gilliam, Darin Boswell)

Duration: 24:17 Views: 758 Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2020
Description: It's a romantic afternoon in the bedroom for sweet young lovers Jean Gilliam and Darin Boswell, the two making out and getting each other worked up for some horny BoyFun. It doesn't take much for a couple of adorable boys like these to entice each other into an epic mid-day romp, and we're definitely happy to be watching. Floppy-haired boy Jean heads south to discover the swelling package in his pal's snug little briefs, exploring the growing shape with his lips and tongue until he can't resist slurping on the long and rigid shape within. His oral skills are certainly well-honed, making his lover moan with the pleasure of his wet mouth on his gorgeous veined erection. Of course, his own equally impressive penis is just as demanding and his pal is more than skilled when it comes to returning the favor. Darin worships his tasty length with eagerness, understanding that it'll soon be easing between his naked cheeks, filling him up. Indeed, moments later the slim young twink is laying on his side and experiencing the thrusts of his friend's gorgeous bareback boner easing in and out of his tight pucker. With the perfectly pink prong offered he takes a seat to ride, his own cock bouncing around as he enjoys the pleasure his cute friend is delivering. Bent over for the final stretch Darin's snug hole takes some final jabbing from his lover's naked cock, their pleasure growing fast as the climactic last moments take hold. Darin lays back to welcome the shower of semen from his buddy's squirting member, his own gushing cream over him moments before Jean's swollen length releases his juicy result in a spectacular finish.