Stanley Solo

Duration: 18:04 Views: 20K Submitted: 8 years ago Year: 2015
Description: STANLEY’S POWER TOOL Ohio native and recent college graduate Stanley, 24, is a 6’3″, nearly 200 lb. personal trainer with a laid back attitude befitting his Midwestern roots. This new Sean Cody model’s got a sweet smile about him, too, though it’s captured better in the video than in the photos here. In fact, he comes off much better looking, too, in the video than the photos (perhaps because he’s not yet experienced enough to pose comfortably.) Stanley’s height and relatively light weight (for a person that tall) means he’s rather ripped. Ain’t no fat on this dude’s body at all. In his two pumps, the lack of fat really shows, too, making him again a lot more sexy than he first appears. In the second jerkoff, he empties into his hand. Odds of Returning: After he gets sweetly embarrassed by camera guy’s compliments, Stanley tells us he’s not used to getting compliments from guys. But because he also says he likes blowjobs, I’m giving him a far greater chance of returning than usual. (Usually when a model says this they return, regardless of whether they’re straight-ish or not.) On the other hand, Cody gave him the nerdy name of Stanley, which is usually a sign they don’t expect him back. So . . . 50-50.
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