Alec Leduc & Mickelo Evans Trade Places

Duration: 40:51 Views: 12K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Mickelo Evans had come to us a few weeks back asking to shoot with Alec Leduc & Marko Lebeau. This was supposed to be a threesome, However, our videographer couldn't make it so Marko had to change roles. Nonetheless, Mickelo was happy. He was shooting with one of the guys he'd been looking forward to hooking up with for a while. Marko invited the two of them to sit side-by-side and he chatted them up. Alec looked a bit bashful, knowing that he was a request. And, since these two love to take it just as much as giving it, it was very a propos for them to take turns fucking each other. And so here comes a flip flop. We know how much Mickelo loves to swallow, but Alec has always been a bit reserved on this front. But this time around he put his face right in the line of fire of Mickelo's cum shot. We were happy with his openness.
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