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Description: Conner is experiencing some exciting changes in his life. He just graduated from college and he's starting a new job. And, he's exploring his sexuality! He says he likes girls, but lately, he's come to realize that he is attracted to men as well. This was his first time talking about it openly. "Without being too vague, what are some of your biggest turn ons?" I asked. "...A guy that is really fit. I like big arms, I like broad shoulders and he definitely has to have a massive dick!” "So are you gay or straight?" I wanted to clarify since his answer had no mention of a girl. "I tend to be bi... ever since my friend that I used to work with convinced me of a few things." "How far has that curiosity gone?" "I've gotten a few blow jobs and I haven't given one but I am here to see where that takes me!"
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