Debt Dandy - 107 One Hundred Seven

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Description: Long time I haven’t seen such a nice apartment. Clean and well-furnished. Hard to believe that the young guy calling me today really lived there. Especially as he has lost his job. But then I found out that it is his girlfriend’s apartment. She was working her ass off to maintain a decent life while he seemed to be just into making new debts. 45 000 CZK so far. Not bad for such a young guy. I hesitated actually to grant him such a high sum. But on the other hand he was quite cute – a football player to be more precise. So I offered him the whole sum in return for sex. But this arrogant guy even refused. Especially as he owed money to the state and could end up in prison. Now my patience was at an end, I told he that I would leave and then he changed his mind…
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