Debt Dandy - 140 One Hundred Forty

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Description: I didn’t trust this guy one bit. His apartment was too nice and clean, I don’t see that very often. He needed money badly, he wasn’t lying about that. But his story about getting in debt because of an expensive kitchen somehow didn’t sound right to me. He wanted 30 000 to pay for the kitchen. Bullshit! I bet he made debts by gambling or he borrowed from wrong people. Maybe he was too shy to talk about it or he simply couldn’t. I didn’t care at all. I just wanted his ass. The boy was very sweet and nicely built. All the more reason to forget about his lies and enjoy his lean body and tight ass. When I found out that he didn’t wear underpants, I knew this is going to be fun. Kitchen! He would never let me do all this to him because of a stupid kitchen.
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