Karel, Nikola & Adam RAW - Airport Security

Duration: 20:17 Views: 30K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2017
Description: We have three very hot straight guys in our latest Airport Security. Nikola Donoval is in charge of secondary inspections and he brings in Adam Egner and Karel Omanak. They are handcuffed together and stand as Nikola checks them out. He tells Adam to lower his pants and soon has him with the pants around his ankles, his dick on show. Then Karel has to do the same. He decides that he must be very thorough in his inspection and starts to feel all over Adam's body. Then he does the same with Karel too. They guys complain that it all seems weird, but Nikola takes no notice. He pushes them down onto their knees and then drops his pants to reveal that his cock is rock hard. He shoves that big cock into Karel's mouth for sucking. Then he does the same to Adam. Alternating between the two Nikola enjoys having that throbbing cock sucked. Then he pulls their heads together so they can both lick the shaft of that hard cock. More sucking ensues until Nikola decides to take things further. Removing the handcuffs he bends Karel over and shoves his big dick deep into the waiting ass. Karel moans as that hard cock works his tight hole. Nikola fucks that ass and gives it a few spanks along the way. As Karel takes that cock he begins to lick Adam's hairy balls too. Then he wanks and sucks on Adam's big cock too. Nikola is generous and likes to share, so soon we see Karel sitting down on Adam's rock hard cock and riding it. He rides up and down on that dick as he also sucks on Nikola's. Adam reaches round and wanks Karel's cock too. Then it is all change as Nikola sits for Karel to ride his massive cock. He wanks himself as he slides his hot ass up and down on the big cock. Adam wanks himself as he watches them fucking. Karel keeps wanking his own cock as he slides up and down on Nikola's. Soon Karel is dumping his hot cum as he works his ass on Nikola's dick. Nikola thrusts is cock up into that hot ass, fucking it hard and fast. Then Karel is on his knees, being fucked from behind by Adam. Adam fucks hard and fast and then pulls out to shoot his hot cum al over Karel's ass and back. Nikola's dick slides back into Karel's hole and he fucks him some more. He spanks Karel's ass as he fucks it. Soon he is ready too and he pulls out to dump a huge, creamy, load over that sexy ass - Adam Egner, Karel Omanak, Nikola Donoval
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