Our First Year (Xavier Ryan and Jackson Reed)

Duration: 18:08 Views: 7.2K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Celebrating their first year together, Xavier Ryan and Jackson Reed reminisce, unable to believe they made it thus far, with so much having happened between them. Perhaps it's the rain that puts them in melancholy mood. But apparently it also makes them horny. In the bedroom, after a passionate making out session, Xavier pulls down Jackson's jeans and it's his boyfriend's sweet, perfect ass like he's eating a succulent, juicy peach. Jackson turns around after a while to service Xavier's big cock then gives up his ass for a good fuck that's definitely on the romantic side. And you know that ass must be good because Xavier pulls out and sprays an enormous amount of jizz all over Jackson's ass before seeding him. Xavier continues fucking Jackson bareback, pounding away, thrusting in and out until Jackson blows his own wad all over his taut belly. But stick around because Xavier fires off yet one more load, blasting all that seed all over Jackson's chest. If this is how the celebrate their first year together, we can't wait for their second year anniversary!